Aims & Objectives

Mother Teacher School believes in creating a generation which is capable of doing new thins, not simply repeating what other generations have done.

MTS has been functioning since 2000, located in a posh colony of Barnala city and sprawled in idyllic surroundings and pollution free environment.

We believe in the all-round development of the student and work with complete determination and harmony to make every childs life blossom like a flower by focusing on child centered learning with genuine love and care, providing pressure free learning in a home like safe environment, observing child’s behaviour using a multifold teaching methodology, bringing out the talent, thinking ability and creativity of a child by uplifting his confidence and moreover blooming the overall personality of a child through personal attention.

The school is based on modern concepts of education and management. The school curriculum, teaching methodology, teacher student interaction and training inputs are all based on the latest concepts of education. The school provides quality education for the multi-dimensional development of the children.

The school also aims at the development of holistic personality of the child i.e. the development of all hidden potentials like aesthetic sense, social and emotional values, to their maximum possible limit. We aim at transforming the child into an efficient, responsible and disciplined citizen of India.

The school pledges itself not only to realize these but also to provide all physical comforts to the children. It lays stress on the understanding of basics, sharpening of thinking skills, experimenting and exploring. Education is a process that requires comprehension, retention and communication. Stress free environment at Mother Teacher builds confidence in the child.

Our school motto “Teach each child, Develop whole child” reflects our aim and objective.

At MTS, every child is a special budding star, being equipped to touch the infinite sky with a sound conviction that: