History of School


The establishment of the Child Education Society in 1999 was done with the purpose of preserving our rich culture and heritage and to pass on our legacy to the future generations. Considering that education plays a vital role in building a sane society, it was immensely crucial to foray into this field for the betterment of the nation and humanity at large.The  institution lies in the able hands of Mr. Kapil Mittal & Mrs. Nishi Mittal, the President of the Society, and visionaries. Their dedication and passion have been the force behind the expansion of the organization from just Play Way to + 2 level today.


The name Mother Teacher, chosen with great thinking and deliberation, is both significant and symbolic.
The essence of the school lies in its name and as the name suggests- Mother (here representing both parents) who is the first teacher of the child and Teacher (who takes on the role of Mother in the school- the child's extended family) share a partnership in the raising and teaching process of the child. The school emphasizes the role of both Mother and Teacher to work together on and for the child if they are to succeed in fulfilling their duty as the needs of the child.

The name “Mother Teacher” has many dimensions.
1. It is the Mother who is the first and most important teacher or educator of the child.

2. The teacher at school plays the role of the Mother-Caring for the child's emotional, spiritual and physical needs along with the intellectual ones.

3. Both Mother (here representing both parents) and Teacher need to work unitedly for the well-being of the child. The child benefits to the full only when both Mother and Teacher realize their duty and fulfill it in a God Fearing manner.